Workplace 2.0

It's about how you work, not where

Welcome to Workplace 2.0 – the Government of Canada's initiative to create a modern workplace that will attract, retain and encourage public servants to work smarter, greener and healthier to better serve Canadians.

Workplace 2.0 consists of three pillars of renewal:

See below for long description. The Workplace is about modernizing the physical workspace The Back Office involves updating policies, processes and systems that support public servants The Way We Work is about updating tools and technologies to better connect, collaborate and communicate
The Workplace: Anywhere, anytime, with anyone
  • Buildings: Smart, Sustainable, Strategically located
  • Workspaces: Open, Flexible, Collaborative
The Back Office: Break down barriers
  • Updated Information Management Systems
  • Self-Service Tools
  • Flexible HR Policies: Better work/life balance
The Way We Work: Connect, communicate, collaborate
  • Web 2.0: Collaboration tools
  • Mobility: Laptop / Notebook / Smartphone
  • Videopresence: Next generation, Videoconferencing

To find out more about what Workplace 2.0 means for you, check out the following:

For government (This information is only accessible to federal government employees.) – Workplace 2.0 means offices that are sustainable, and promote collaboration and engagement between employees.

For businesses – Workplace 2.0 means innovating and creating new designs and furniture solutions that are modern and sustainable, and incorporate ever-changing technology through continued collaboration with the information technology sector. Real estate companies will also need to propose creative solutions to changing portfolio needs, including partnership approaches for renewing of our aging infrastructure.

Workplace 2.0 was featured in the Clerk of the Privy Council's Twentieth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada. In his report, the Clerk encourages departments to be more adaptable and ensure that employees have the right tools and support they need. In modernizing the public service workplace, Workplace 2.0 helps departments adapt to the changing work environment while maintaining high performance.

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