LaSalle Causeway: Bascule Bridge rehabilitation

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Find out about the project on the LaSalle Causeway.

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Project overview

Kingston, Ontario
Locate the LaSalle Causeway Bascule Bridge on a map
Type of project
Rehabilitation project
Lead department
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Design and engineering consultant
Parsons Inc., Ottawa, Ontario
Project status
Design and engineering
Construction work planned for November 2023
Next steps
Construction tender expected in January 2023

Project description

We are undertaking a project to strengthen and replace various components of the Bascule Bridge. As part of this project, the following elements will be addressed:

“Trunnion” is a French word for “pivot point.” A trunnion describes the type of bridge that pivots like a see-saw around a central core. This is a key operational component of the bridge that requires regular scheduled overhauls to ensure ongoing unimpeded operations.

Bascule bridges are fitted with counterweights. These offset the weight of the span, which facilitates the raising and lowering of the bridge. Inspections of the counterweight system indicate that repairs and renovations are required to maintain ongoing health and safety standards for pedestrians, and public and commercial traffic on the bridge.

This project will extend the service life of each of the components by another 30 years. It will improve the condition and operation of the Bascule Bridge, and ensure the safety of bridge users.

Bridge closures

The construction is being scheduled for the traditional off season, November 2023 to the end of April 2024. Bridge closures will be essential to complete the required construction work.

During construction, the following traffic adjustments are expected:

  • marine traffic will not be able to navigate under the Bascule Bridge for the entire duration of the construction
  • pedestrians and cyclists will be able to continue using the bridge via a temporary sidewalk constructed alongside the existing bridge, but periodic closures are still expected
  • limited full closures and temporary single-lane overnight closures will take place throughout the construction period

Public notices about the closures will be issued in advance and shared through our social media channels. This will ensure that the public is aware of each closure and its impact on local traffic. The same information will be distributed to stakeholders for further broadcasting.

Key milestones

  • March 2023: construction contract expected to be awarded
  • November 2023: construction begins
  • May 2024: construction completed

Project background

In early 2021, the project team started work on plans to rehabilitate the Bascule Bridge. While planning for this project, the project team contacted and consulted with various stakeholders who would be directly affected by the project:

We will continue to engage with stakeholders as the project develops. The project team is planning to host a virtual public information session. This session will provide an overview of the project, the project schedule and how we plan to complete the project. The session will be scheduled once the construction contract has been awarded and before the start of any construction.

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