Place George-V: restoration

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Learn about the project to restore Place George-V, which is located in front of the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury.

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Project overview

Québec, Quebec
Type of project
Restoration of Place George-V
Lead department
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Firms responsible
OPTION aménagement Inc., CIMA + SENC, in consortium

SAHO Construction Inc.


Roughly $7 million (taxes included) in contracts for:

  • design services
  • development of plans and specifications
  • site supervision
  • restoration work
Project status
In progress. Work has begun in May 2022 and should be completed in July 2023.

Project description

Place George-V is closely linked to the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury, as recognized by different heritage designations. Following the 2008 fire, we rebuilt the Armoury, combining heritage and modernity. The restoration of Place George-V is the final step in the full enhancement of the Voltigeurs de Québec Drill Hall National Historic Site of Canada.

Before the 2008 fire at the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury, Place George-V was mainly used by National Defence as a commemorative site and as a space for ceremonial military events. For the past several years, it has also been used by residents and tourists as a public space for large events. The restored Place George-V would better accommodate both these uses.

Sustainable development principles

We will follow sustainable development principles when carrying out the project. It will include a strategy to reduce the “heat island” effect. Heat islands are urbanized areas that experience higher temperatures than outlying areas. Structures such as buildings, roads and other infrastructure absorb and re-emit the sun’s heat more than natural landscapes like forests and bodies of water.

We will reduce heat islands at Place George-V by using coatings that reflect little heat from the sun and by adding trees that will cast shade and retain moisture and coolness.

The landscaping will be well adapted to the region and its climate. It will require little maintenance. When it rains, the landscaping will allow rainwater to seep into the ground, so less water will reach municipal sewers.

The Government of Canada invests in its historic sites to ensure they are preserved for future generations.

Key milestones

Year 2020

On November 17, 2020, we announced our project to restore Place George-V. At that time, we consulted with event and festival promoters to determine their needs with regard to the use of Place George-V. We also consulted with National Defence and the City of Québec before this meeting.

Year 2021

Following a call for tenders, we awarded a contract for $930,191.00 (taxes included) to OPTION aménagement Inc., CIMA + SENC, in consortium, to:

  • detail the design
  • complete the plans and specifications
  • provide site supervision during the upcoming restoration work

On March 12, 2021, the Government of Canada unveiled the redevelopment concept for Place George-V.

Year 2022

Following a call for tenders, we have awarded a fit-up contract valued at approximately $6,4 million (taxes included) to SAHO Construction Inc., who will perform the restoration of Place George-V.

Work has begun in May 2022 and should be completed in July 2023.

A groundbreaking ceremony to launch the redevelopment work has taken place on May 27, 2022.

Year 2023

The restoration of Place George-V will be completed in 2023. The site will once again be accessible to all starting in July 2023.

Place George-V will offer a large plaza, partly grassed and partly paved. It will be better suited for large public events.

A commemorative pedestrian walkway will facilitate movement between the various sites surrounding Place George-V. In the centre of this walkway, there will be 4 commemorative monuments that are currently spread out on the property. Residents will also be able to use the street furniture that will be installed on the site.

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Latest news about this project

May 27, 2022: The Government of Canada begins the restoration of Place George-V

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