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The National Project Management System has been replaced by Project Navigator effective October 15, 2021. Therefore, this page has been archived and will be taken down in 2024.


The Project Manager’s Guide for Procurement and Contracts (document available on the Real Property National Project Management System related documents page, available on Government of Canada network only) has been prepared in order to describe the components and requirements of the National Project Management System (NPMS) as applied to the management of procurement in project.

Summary of the manual

Federal Government Procurement is governed by the Financial Administration Act and Government Contract Regulations which provides the basis for the processes required to contract with private sector consultants and contractors.

Procurement management (also called contract management) is a component of the Project Plan. The manual will provide the Project Management community the tools/techniques and guidelines on how to procure various real property services. Although there may be variations from one region to another, the principles in this manual still apply. The manual is described as a procurement management manual; it does not include at the present time, maintenance service, furniture/equipment and construction relating to lease fit-up projects.

Real Property context

This manual is to be used in conjunction with the Policy on the National Project Management System (106) (page available on Government of Canada network only) and National Project Management System Directive for Real Property Projects.

Procurement management toolkit

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