Criteria for Communications Sector Involvement on Projects

Project managers should contact the Communications Sector when the project:

  1. will inconvenience or impact
    • the public
    • tenants or users
    • staff
  2. involves a building, bridge, structure or park that
    • is very visible
    • is of historical, local or national importance
    • has captured media and/or public interest in the past
  3. is considered
    • controversial
    • politically sensitive
  4. affects public safety
  5. requires
    • a Treasury Board Submission
    • a memo to Cabinet
    • involvement of the client department's Communications Branch
  6. has prompted communications from the media
  7. is related to a ministerial priority or event

Depending on the project, the communications advisor assigned may find it unnecessary to immediately develop communications products, but will (with the project manager's input) monitor media, public or staff response to the project and respond appropriately where issues arise.

When in doubt, or for more information, contact the Real Property Branch Account Executive in Communications Sector.

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