Scope management forms

The following forms are utilized by the project team to identify, manage and report scope changes which impact time or cost.They allow the stakeholders to review the impact of individual scope changes on time, cost and quality, in order to amend project cost estimates and delivery schedules accordingly. Client signature on a Scope Change form constitutes approval for such changes and establishes responsibility for related increased costs and/or project delays. Use of these forms also allows final project costs and completion dates to be measured against the latest client-approved estimated costs and schedules and not against estimated costs and schedules indicated in the initial Scope Management Plan.

Most scope change requests originate with the client due to changes in policy or strategic direction. Within the Project Plan the Project Manager (PM) must ensure that the use of these forms is described and that client approval will be mandatory for each change impacting time and cost. The following need to be considered:

Scope change form—PSPC/SPAC 94 (PDF, 368KB) (page available on Government of Canada network only)

This form is utilized prior to the award of the construction contract to describe and record the approval of scope changes and their impact on budget, time, cost, risk, quality, etc. It is not intended to capture scope changes which do not impact cost or time, however PMs may utilize this form to note such changes on the Project Plan at their discretion since this information becomes part of the project history and may be referenced in future.

Scope change summary—PSPC/SPAC 93 (PDF, 351KB) (page available on Government of Canada network only)

This form is utilized as a managerial tool to summarize stakeholder approvals for all scope changes subsequent to the original Scope Management Plan which impact time or cost. It includes signature blocks for both the client and the PM and is updated at critical milestone review dates (PA/EA) to allow the project team to monitor such scope changes. Scope changes prior to consultant and construction awards are identified in the Scope Change form, while scope changes following contract awards are identified in the Amendment to Consultant Agreement—PSPC/SPAC 175 (PDF, 261KB) (page available on Government of Canada network only) or the Change Order—PSPC/SPAC 610 (PDF, 497KB) (page available on Government of Canada network only) more directly explained under the Project Manager’s Guide for Procurement and Contracts (document available on the Real Property National Project Management System related documents page, available on Government of Canada network only).

Note: This form requires completion prior to and after contract award in order to capture all scope changes impacting time and cost. It is not intended as a planning or estimating document but rather as a management tool to identify such approved scope changes only - other non scope related changes are reported elsewhere.

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