Delivery of Security Requirements in Ministers' Regional Offices

As part of its common service agency mandate to provide accommodation services, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is responsible to provide regional offices for the shared use of all federal cabinet ministers for those occasions when the ministers are working in regions. Each of these regional office sites requires high level protection of personnel and sensitive (designated/classified) information and assets. In order to identify these security requirements in each of the regions, the Ministers' Regional Office Directorate (MRO), relies on major input from the Corporate Security Directorate who is directly responsible for the management of all such projects. The requirement for such high level security with respect to MRO's, necessitates the introduction of specific quality assurance practices for project managers (PM). It should be noted that these practices may also serve fit-up work for other clients with similar requirements (i.e. Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Human Resources Development Canada, Dept. of Justice, Correctional Services of Canada, etc.). Also, some MRO's are on leased premises for which Client Accommodation Services Advisors (CASA's) are involved in the majority of planning decisions.

To ensure that security requirements in MRO's are incorporated within the overall design and construction tender documents, and that consultants and contractors comply with all such requirements and specifications, a number of specific quality assurance processes and practices have been developed for use by all PM's. Technical guidelines may also be referenced in the RCMP, Technical Security Branch's publication—Physical Security Guides. In addition, MRO Site Location and Final Inspection Checklists have been developed and must be utilized for site and construction inspections.

Quality Assurance Practices for Ministers' Regional Offices

The following quality assurance practices are established to improve the quality of construction of MRO's and their related security requirements, in particular construction of security and sound attenuated walls in all main boardrooms and ministerial offices to ensure speech privacy protection:

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