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As an adjunct to the Regional Design Review Committee, the National Design Review Committee (NDRC) is established to provide advise and support to project managers in the quality review of design aspects of primarily major, sensitive and complex projects. While the aim of the NDRC is to provide quality assurance in the product and service output by professional and technical specialist disciplines, the formal reviews are not intended to replace the ongoing process of review and quality monitoring by professional disciplines prior to presentation to the committee. Submission criteria addresses projects in both the building and civil engineering fields. Some of the submission requirements will not apply to civil structures and/or other engineering projects. Agreement should be reached with the Chair prior to the presentations.

Committee Membership

Note: NDRC is an excellent mechanism for the demonstration and promotion of Real Property Branch valued added services.


Primarily major, sensitive, or complex projects as identified by Director/RM's. Committee members work to ensure that projects delivered within Real Property Branch (RPB) provide:


Meeting Frequency and Location

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager (PM) will:

Senior Project Manager (SPM) will:

Secretary will:


Chairperson: maintains a record of decisions and follow-up as required.

Secretary: issues the NDRC decision containing a summary of recommendations and directions within fifteen (15) days after the review to all committee members and senior management as applicable.

PM: prepares a written response to the Chair within fifteen (15) days, indicating how the recommendations and directions will be addressed.


Time charges and overhead expenses (for example travel and accommodation costs, etc.) for NDRC, including NCA costs, are to be recovered from within established project funding.


Director, Professional and Technical Programs

National Design Review Committee—Submissions Process

The submission process for all projects requiring a National Design Review Committee (NDRC) review is as follows (in a sequential order):

Project Manager (PM) provides the Secretary with:


Project Manager:


Project Manager:

National Design Review Committee Presentation Documents

Documents required to effectively communicate project intent, process and recommendations will vary depending on the project scope and objectives. The following is a list of typical information required in order of presentation.

Schematic Design

The general intent of this stage is to present the project background and objectives to NDRC and ensure the integrity of the recommended site/building development option and project delivery prior to proceeding with design development. The information required and order of presentation is as follows:

Terms of Reference:

Analysis of Client Requirements:

Analysis of Site, Surroundings and Climate:

Impact of Government Policies and Programs:

Interrelationship of Analysis:

Design Criteria:

Site Development:

Building/Structure Development:

Cost Plan (Indicative):



Design Development

The general intent of this stage is to ensure the integrity of the final site/building design and project delivery prior to proceeding with implementation. Generally, submissions at this stage shall describe systems and subsystems in all disciplines. Information required and order of presentation:

Terms of References:

Design Objectives and Philosophy:

Urban/Regional Context and Climatic Conditions:

Site Development:

Building/Structure Development:

Cost Plan (Substantive):



Forms, samples and checklists

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