National Project Management Councils, Committees and Networks

The reorganization and decentralization of architectural and engineering resources into real property teams, has necessitated a need for enhanced communication structures in order to provide national leadership, ensure quality services and enhance consistency of operations in the management and delivery of project management services for the planning, design and construction of federal real property projects.

The project management organization has introduced several national committees into its organizational framework. Each of the committees is authorized to make firm recommendations to the National Project Management Council regarding all aspects of project management services. Promotion of knowledge sharing with staff is through the National Project Management System (NPMS) Web site, the individual committees, committee members themselves, specific and general training modules, national project management forums etc. Staff have access to these individual committees through their respective regional representative for each of the committees and/or through their Director/Regional Manager. Existing councils, committees, and networks are as follows:

The national committees have been specifically structured to promote:

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