Consultant Evaluation Board Membership for Architectural and Engineering Contracts

The Real Property Branch (RPB) utilizes individual Consultant Evaluation Boards to conduct evaluations of architectural and engineering proposals. Membership on these Boards consists of qualified senior level professional, technicaland contracting specialists who provide a quality review which demonstrates integrity, consistency, credibility and transparency.

Rating members for each of these Boards consists of a chairperson, and a minimum of three qualified employees, one of whom is normally the project manager. For smaller single discipline proposals, a minimum of three rating members (rather than three and a chairperson) is acceptable. Non-rating membership is comprised of a representative from Real Property Contracting (RPC) who acts as Board Administrator and may also include others on an optional basis for example, representatives of client, other Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) branches, other government departments, professional associations etc., who may wish to attend either as 'observers' or for training purposes.

Membership on individual boards is proposed by a Senior Project Manager (SPM) following his/her review of project specifics to identify the linguistics, skill sets, professional and technical qualifications and discipline expertise required. The SPM signs the Consultant Evaluation Membership Approval form and obtains approval of the overall membership from the Director level at NCA /Regional Manager level in regions prior to proceeding to the evaluation.

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