National Capital Area Project Management Council


As an adjunct to the National Project Management Council, the NCA Project Management Council was established to provide leadership, enhance communications and ensure quality services and consistency of operations in the management and delivery of project management services for the planning, design and construction of federal real property projects. Within NCA, this Council promotes and ensures:

Committee Membership


Subject matter is 'all inclusive' but NCA-specific with focus on changing 'priorities' within the project management mandate, including but not limited to:

Meeting Frequency and Location

Roles and Responsibilities

Chairperson (Director Project Management)

Senior Project Managers

Presenters, Delegates, Substitutes and Alternates


maintains a record of decisions and follow-up as required.
prepares and distributes minutes to all committee members and senior management within a one-week period following each meeting.
Committee members
share pertinent information with all staff.

Venue and Protocol

Due to the breadth and scope of issues emanating from NCA's operational and functional roles, it is paramount that meetings incorporate a structured mandatory protocol to ensure that the time allotted for the business of the Council is optimized. The membership of this Council will commit itself to active and constructive participation and respect the following established protocol :

Business, Agenda and Follow-up

Informal Senior Project Manager Meetings

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