Annex D—Process flowchart

Annex D to the national project management system directive on lessons learned for real property projects process flowchart - See long description below.

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Step 1—Review

Project staff:

  • review existing lessons learned in the identification stage
  • re-review existing lessons learned if new staff or new scope
  • plan project according to lessons learned

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Step 2—Gather

Project staff:

  • document issues and opportunities
  • gather input
  • forward documents to project team

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Step 3—Analysis

Project staff:

  • review and assess information
    • capture lessons learned
    • record lessons learned for the Gatekeeper
    • done


  • assist as necessary
  • review project input

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Step 4—Share


  • review and publish in regional log
  • publish in national log (GCDOCS)Footnote *
  • advise Continual Improvement (CI) Team
  • advise others as needed

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Step 5—Feedback


  • identify trends
  • recommend improvements (or changes)
  • ensure that regional processes integrate and monitor the changes and fixes required
  • send or have report sent to Head Quarters (HQ) no later than June 30
  • done
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