Annex 1—National Project Management System conformance review form (update 2)

  • Project number:
  • Project name:
  • Project leader:
  • Project manager:
  • Client:
  • Project category: Select: Lease (no fit-up), Asset, Space, Environmental, Other Government Department, Tenant Service

This table is a template and contains no data.

Table summary

This table lists the National Project Management System (NPMS) deliverable required at each NPMS phases, indicate if they are included, when they were approved and by who, and where they are located.

Stages Phases National Project Management System deliverable requirements Included (Yes / Pending / Not included / Not applicable) Comments (if pending, not included or not applicable) Approval date Name of approval authority Document location / GCDOCSFootnote * link
Project inception stage Definition phase Statement of requirements approval (SoRA)         A_NPMS/01_Definition/statement of requirements approval
Project identification stage Initiation phase Preliminary project plan approval (PPPA)         A_NPMS/02_Intitiation/preliminary project plan approval
Feasibility phase Feasibility report approval (FRA)         A_NPMS/03_Feasibility/feasibility report approval
Analysis phase Project charter (only required for fit-up projects in this phase)         A_NPMS/04_Analysis/project charter Approval
Project Complexity & Risk Assessment (PCRA)         A_NPMS/09_NPMS Supporting Documents/PCRA
Approval document for project approval
(investment analysis report (IAR) / Treasury Board Submission)
  • Indicative Project Estimates and Schedule
        H_PROJECT MONITORING/01_Project Time Scope Budget
  • Risk Management Assessment
        A_NPMS/09_NPMS Supporting Documents/Risk Management Plan
Documented means of confirmed Client funding (if required, as per NPMS threshold matrix)         F_CLIENTS/01_Agreement
Identification close out phase Identification close out document (ICOD)         A_NPMS/05_identification close out/ Identification close out document (ICOD)
  • Lessons Learned
        A_NPMS/05_identification close out/lessons learned documents
Project delivery stage Planning phase Project charter (for Other government department (OGD) projects)         A_NPMS/06_Planning/OGD project charter Approval
Record of Project Review (Project Review Advisory Committee Report/ other boards as appropriate)         A_NPMS/09_NPMS Supporting Documents/PRAC
Project management plan approval (PMPA)         A_NPMS/06_Planning/project management plan approval
Signed specific service agreement (SSA) (if required, as per NPMS threshold matrix) SSA         F_CLIENTS/01_Agreement/SSA
Design phase Approval document for expenditure authority
(IAR / Treasury Board Submission)
  • Substantive Cost Estimates & Schedule
        H_PROJECT MONITORING/01_Project Time Scope Budget
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP)
        A_NPMS/09_NPMS Supporting Documents/Risk Management Plan
Revise PCRA, if necessary         A_NPMS/09_NPMS Supporting Documents/PCRA
Implementation phase Turn-over approval (TOA) i.e. Signed Certificate of Substantial Performance (Interim)         C_CONSTRUCTION/Contract X/16_Cert Subst Perf/Signed Cert Subst Perf (S34)
close out phase
Close out document approval (CODA)         A_NPMS/08_Close Out/close out document approval
  • Lessons Learned
        A_NPMS/08_Close Out/lessons learned documents

Additional information

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