Claims Processes

Since claims differ in content and complexity, the establishment of standard claims resolution processes is a difficult task. Minor claims may not require an entire array of process steps in order to be resolved, whereas, a major claim usually requires all of the steps in the process before a resolution can be achieved. Claims are to be processed in accordance with General Conditions GC6 - Delays and Changes in the Work and GC 8—Dispute Resolution. The following processes should be adopted upon receipt of a claim:

Table description

Claims processes table consists of 9 columns of which the top headings are titled, Claimed Amount, Client Awareness, RPCD approval, CPMU/Regional Claims Rep., SPM approval, Regional Director/Director (NCA) RPB approval, Director General, Legal Services involvement, Eligible to DR Pilot Project.

The first left side column titled 'Claimed Amount" has 4 sections of $ amounts which exclude GST.

The first 0 - 25K shows the following:

The second left side column under "Claimed Amount" is 25 - 250K and shows the following:

The 3rd left side column under "Claimed Amount" is 250 - 500K and shows the following:

The final left side column under "Claimed amount" is 500K & up and shows the following:

Claims Processes Table
Claimed amount Client awareness RPC Awareness CPMU/
Regional Claims rep.
SPM approval Regional Director/
Director (NCA)
RPB approval
Director General Legal Services involvement GC 8 Dispute Resolution
Footnote * 0 - 25K yes yes Footnote 1 Footnote 2 Footnote 2 Footnote 3 Footnote 2  
Footnote * 25 - 250K yes yes Footnote 1 yes Footnote 2 Footnote 3 yes yes
Footnote * 250 - 500K yes yes Footnote 1 yes yes Footnote 3 yes yes
Footnote * 500K & up yes yes Footnote 1 yes yes Footnote 3 yes yes

Project Manager will promptly

Awareness of stakeholders



* Where the ADR clauses are applicable in the contract, those procedures must be followed. (GC8 Dispute Resolution)


If the contractor accepts the offer, complete the claim file by gathering all appropriate attachments listed on the "Claims checklist" (see sample) in order to obtain RPC approval.

National Capital Area Only

RPB pre-approves an upset settlement amount including a negotiation margin dealing with litigation risk provided by Legal Services, to allow the SPM/PM to settle at the negotiation/mediation table.

Senior Project Manager/Project Manager roles

Calculation of the upset limit

The full amount of a negotiated settlement may be comprised of two or more elements:

Pre-approval of upset limit



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