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Real property projects are generally complex and the use of proper time management is essential to guide the execution and timely completion of projects.

The purpose of time management is to plan and represent the delivery of project scope over time as defined by the project team. Once developed, the project schedule is updated to reflect progress and changes.

The National Project Management System Real Property Procedure on Time Management has been developed to describe the processes necessary to develop and maintain schedules with good industry practices and to provide project reporting throughout each successive phase of the National Project Management System (NPMS).


To ensure that projects are planned, scheduled, monitored and controlled in a systematic manner to assist the timely completion of projects.

Real Property context

A systematic time management process is essential for the management of real property projects. Along with scope development, there are five iterative processes utilized interactively to assist the execution of projects:

  • planning involves working with the project team to develop the activity and milestone lists that describe the projects objectives
  • scheduling models dynamically the project duration with activities and milestones and their logical relations
  • monitoring includesthe collection of project progress data for updating the project schedule
  • controlling involves the measuring of performance, developing corrective actions and evaluating options
  • reporting involves the reporting of project status in a timely manner

The level of detail applied to the time management process varies based on project size, complexity, time restriction and client requirements.

The Real Property Branch (RPB) has a national Time Management Unit in Project Management Service Line, to promote the use of consistent and systematic project planning, monitoring and control in order to improve performance and meet prescribed time and cost limits of projects.

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