Commissioning assessment form

Commissioning assessment form (DOC, 89KB)


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Section 1: Personal information

(The project manager is responsible for archiving this document in the project file for audit purpose.)

Section 2: Commissioning assessment

The Real Property Branch (RPB) Commissioning Standard applies to build works managed by RPB and/or by real property contractors. This includes new construction, renovations, engineering assets, sale-leaseback, and fit-up work in Crown-owned buildings. The standard also applies to new build-to-lease buildings and major leased building renovations under the custodianship of RPB.

Project manager: (required)

Is commissioning required for this project, based on the criteria indicated in the RPB Commissioning Standard?

If affirmative then Commissioning Manager to complete the rest of this section.

If negative, go to Section 3, Responsibilities

Commissioning manager: (required)
1. If commissioning is required, identify the systems to be commissioned:
2. Identify commissioning deliverables:
  • Commissioning plan
  • Functional test reports
  • Final commissioning report




Section 3: Responsibilities

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