Client Accommodation Requirements Questionnaire (CARQ)

The CARQ is currently being revised. Please visit Client Accommodation Requirements Questionnaire (CARQ) to obtain the latest version.


1. PSPC Representative

2. Client Department Representative


3. Originating Government Department or Organization:

4. Branch or Directorate:

5. Type of Client Demand

6. Existing Occupancy Information To be filled out if client demand is related to Renewal of On-going Program

6 c) Does the space meet your requirements

6 d) Does the current space include employees now reporting to Shared Services Canada and/or Special Purpose Space (SPS) related to Shared Services Canada's functions?

If yes, please include the population (FTE and/or non-FTE) and/or the SPS for Shared Services Canada in section 7, Anticipated Population, and section 8, Special Purpose Space, respectively.

Shared Services Canada Representative

7. Anticipated Population

Table Summary

The table indicates the current approved population (FTE and non-FTE) at occupancy start date and the anticipated (growth) population at mid-term occupancy for office space and Special Purpose Space.

Population (FTE and non-FTE)
(Also include the population for Shared Services Canada, where applicable.)
Current Approved
Population at Occupancy Start Date
Anticipated (growth) Population at Mid-
Term Occupancy
Total Comments/
Explanations, if required:
Specify the breakdown of any part-time employment (# of months/years), office population and/or Special Purpose Space population for the client department or agency and Shared Services Canada, where applicable.
7 a) Total Office Population
7 b) Total Special Purpose Space Population

8. Special Purpose Space Not included in the Government of Canada Workplace 2.0 Fit-up Standards' support space allocations

Note: Provide Special Purpose Space (SPS) requirements below for the client department or agency and Shared Services Canada's functions, where applicable, and attach a separate justification for each.

Table Summary

The table indicates the SPS category, population and usable metres squared.

Type of SPS Population # Space Um² Description of Special Function (Consider "who" uses the space and "how" it is used.)

9. Preferred Term of Occupancy Provide preferred term of occupancy

9 b) Length of occupancy:

Term of occupancy:


10. Hours of Operation

10 a) Identify typical hours of operation/occupancy

10 b) Shift workers

10 c) Extended hours of operation/occupancy

11. Geographic Boundaries Define location and provide justification for geographic restrictions, if required.

12. Other Location Requirements Provide justification

12 a) Does space requirement need to be on the same floor/contiguous and/or limited to a maximum number of floor levels?

12 b) Will the general public require access to the space during normal working hours?

13. Parking Requirements

Table Summary

The table indicates the minimum parking operational requirements, the additional parking operational requirements and the special parking requirements.

Parking Requirements Quantity Comments/Description: (i.e. special site requirements, security, inside, outside, fenced compound, etc.)
13 a) Minimum Operational Requirements:
13 b) Additional Operational Requirements:
Subject to Client Assistant Deputy Minister approval or equivalent and to be funded by client department.
13 c) Special Parking Requirements:

14. Base Building and Facilities Requirements

14 a) Identify when cleaning services are required?

14 b) Is access to a freight elevator required?

14 c) Equipment/filing systems/or storage requiring extra floor loading?

14 d) Is access to a loading dock required?

14 e) Is space for bicycle racks or stalls required?

14 f) Is rooftop access related to antenna or satellite dish required?

14 g) Will dangerous goods, such as hazardous materials, weapons, chemicals, etc. of any kind, be stored on the premises?

14 h) Need for specialized mechanical requirements? (e.g. generator, HVAC)

14 i) Need for specialized electrical requirements? (e.g. lighting)

14 j) Need for special Information Technology, cabling or telephone requirements that may impact the location or site selection?

14 k) Are there special requirements for signage (e.g. façade of building, etc.)?

15. Security Requirements

15 a) What is the level of security clearance required for consultants/contractors?

15 b) What is the level of security clearance required for cleaners?

15 c) Has the Security Requirements Check List (Form# TBS 350-103) been completed, signed and provided to PSPC by the originating government department or agency's Organization Security Authority?

15 d) Will the security clearance provided by PSPC's Canadian Industrial Security Directorate be adequate clearance? If no, explain details in Box #19, Additional Comments and/or Requirements.

16. Funding Source Attach supporting documentation

16 b) Confirm client funding is available for this project, related to client-funded elements (e.g. approved non-compliant fit-up, furniture, Information Technology, enhanced client requirements, additional services, etc.):


17. Workplace 2.0

Please check this box if you require information on Workplace 2.0, the Government of Canada-wide initiative to renew the federal public service workplace. The information will help you identify how you can make your office more efficient and better prepare your employees for the modern office space they will be occupying.

What level of accreditation will you be striving to obtain for this accommodation project?

18. Accommodation Projects 101 Workbook

The Accommodation Projects 101 Workbook is available to all government departments on GCPedia. The workbook is a tool that details PSPC's accommodation project processes in order to successfully guide clients from start to finish and to help better understand how to achieve 'best value for the Crown' in their accommodation projects.

19. Additional Comments and/or Requirements


20. Client Department Representative

21. PSPC Representative


Table Summary

The table indicates the description of the revisions and the date.

Tracking Number Description of Revision Date
(Year - Month - Day)