Prime consultant start-up meeting agenda

Prime consultant start-up meeting agenda (Word  58Kb)

  1. Introduction
  2. Team structure
    • Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) representative (Project Manager, Real Property Contracting, Architecture and Engineering Center of Expertise (COE), Leasing, etc.)
    • Project management support services
    • Consultant team
    • Proposed General Contractor / Construction Manager Structure
    • Stakeholders (service providers)
    • Authorities having Jurisdiction (National Capital Commission (NCC), Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office (FHBRO), Provincial, City, etc.)
    • Project communication diagram
  3. Communications
    • Communications protocol
    • Phone numbers and Email addresses
    • Communication internal to project team
    • Communication with 3rd party stakeholders
    • Access to information requests (or external requests for information)
  4. Project Overview
    • Project background / driver
    • Overall project implementation strategy (Consultants, Construction Management, etc.)
    • Project management
    • Design
    • Design review process (PSPC COE/Heritage Conservation Directorate, stakeholders, third party experts, etc.)
    • Construction
    • Constraints
    • Summary of previous reports and studies
  5. Scope
    • Review required services
    • Aspects of the Consultant’s proposal that seem ambiguous should be addressed at this point.
    • Process for changes to the consultant’s scope of work
  6. Schedule
    • Overall project schedule
    • Design schedule
    • Schedule base line
    • Process for changing schedule after base line schedule has been established.
    • Monthly schedule reporting
  7. Budget
    • Construction budget
    • Consultant’s responsibility to design within budget
    • Value Engineering
  8. Information transfer
    • File naming
    • Email
    • Collaboration Tools (Buzzsaw, Oproma, SharePoint, etc.)
    • Existing drawings
    • Previous reports and studies
    • Expectation with regards to Requests for Information (RFI)
      • From consultant
      • To consultant
  9. Security
    • Contractual security requirements (based on the Security Requirements Checklist (SRCL))
    • Screening personnel: security clearance
    • Accessing the site
      • Personnel
      • Vehicles
      • Communiques
  10. Contract Management
    • RFI process and tracking (during design and during construction)
    • Construction contract change process and tracking (Contemplated Change Notice (CCN), Change Order (CO))
    • Meeting schedule and attendance (format, location, frequency, etc.)
    • Expectations with respect to meeting minutes
    • Consultant invoicing: Format requirements
    • Construction progress review
    • Approvals to proceed to next RS section
  11. Deliverables
    • Contract deliverables list and tracking form
    • Deliverable schedules
    • Acceptance and or rejection of deliverables
    • Monthly report
    • Quality Management plan
    • Consultant Quality Control plan - Consultants responsibility to coordinate sub-consultants
    • PSPC Quality Assurance Design Reviews (QADRs) (including time allocated for reviews and review comment tracking log format)
    • Responses to QADRs: expectations and timing
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM) (if applicable)
  12. Round table
  13. Closing remarks
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