Statement of requirement—Space project

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Statement of requirement – Space project (PDF, 803KB)

Part A: Information

Approved geographic boundaries (North-South-West-East)

Office full time equivalent

Special purpose space full time equivalent

Length of occupancy

Parking requirements

Minimum operational requirement

Part B: Current occupancy information when applicable

Part C: Strategy

Space category Space requested (m2 usable) Space allocation standard (m2 usable) Variance Funding Total authorized (m2 usable)
Actual Approved Public Services and Procurement Canada (Non-reimbursing m2 usable) Client (Reimbursing or expansion control framework m2 usable)


Special purpose space




Part D: Forecast

Funding Authorized m2 usable Ratio Estimate number of m2 rentable Estimate rental rate (cost per m2) Estimate base rent




The values above are only for forecasting purposes and are subject to change depending on the solution that will be delivered.

Part E: Client approval

The client representative endorses Public Services and Procurement Canada to proceed with the project identification stage of this problem/opportunity. In doing so, the client representative agrees to pay for client costs identified in Part C, D and E of this statement of requirements, and agrees to seek funding for their portion of the Project Delivery Phase.

Item Fiscal year 1
2017 to 2018
Fiscal year 2
2018 to 2019
Fiscal year 3
2019 to 2020
Total ($)

Total client funded

Client signature(s)

All fit-up components that exceed the standards must be funded by the client department. In addition, the client department is responsible for any client cost associated with this project such as, but not limited to the following horizontal voice and data, approved non-compliant requests, additional security requirements related to the move and fit-up and all associated consultant fees and Public Services and Procurement Canada – Real Property Branch fees related to the client funded portion fit-up, as well as furniture, fixtures and equipment. Lastly, client departments are financially responsible for both the rent and fit-up of any additional space that is deemed to be expansion control framework reimbursing or fully reimbursing.

Part F: Public Services and Procurement Canada approval

Approval to initiate the documentation relevant to the development of this project to project approval consists of - specify the goal of the project.

Item Fiscal year 1
2017 to 2018
Fiscal year 2
2018 to 2019
Fiscal year 3
2019 to 2020
Total ($)

Total Public Services and Procurement Canada funded

Public Services and Procurement Canada signatures

Note: Refer to National Project Management System directive to identify position and obtain the appropriate approvals in signature block below.

Space calculators are to be attached with this document

Client Accommodation Requirement Questionnaire

Attach special purpose space approvals documentation

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