Intermediate investment analysis report (for space projects)

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Intermediate investment analysis report (for space projects) (DOC, 146KB)

For Space projects less than 5,000 m2 (refer to National Project Management System real property projects thresholds matrix).


Please attach (or copy) the Summary Cash Flow Table (from Real Property Project Funding and Cost Planning Workbook). For any National Project Management System (NPMS) lite project that is, or potentially may be, requesting capital funding (Vote 5, B141 or B143), a betterment test is required to validate the funding. Choices include completion of the Real Property (RP) Project Funding and Cost Planning Workbook for work in crown-owned buildings, or contacting Finance Branch (FB) directly for a manual betterment test for those projects with other “focuses” (that is lease, engineering asset, infrastructure, etc.).

Executive project summary



Proposed Location:

Project Type:
(renewal, space assignment, tender call, option, direct negotiation, etc.)

Lease Number:

Project Number:

Description of recommended option:

Reimbursing Status:
(Expansion Control Framework (ECF), Non Reimbursing, Reimbursing, Split funded—Combination of reimbursing status)

Project approval (see Appendix X)

Project approval authority:

Source of FundingFootnote 1:

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) Fit-up Costs: $

Real Property Services Revolving Fund (RPSRF) reimbursed by client specific service agreement: $

Location Contract Attribution Amount:

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Space required
Space Square meter usable (m2u) Square meter rentable (m2r)
Special purpose space    
Other (compound, storage, warehouse, etc.)    


In-Service Date:

Lease Term:


Occupancy Instrument (OI) Term:

Project information

Problem/Opportunity Definition:

Background & Project History:

Current Accommodations: (Building Name, Address and City)

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Occupancy instruments details
Occupancy instrument # Expiry date Office Utilization rate Special purpose space Total
m2u m2r (m2u / Full-time Employee (FTE) m2u m2r m2u m2r

Current Lease #:

Lease Expiry Date:

Option(s) Remaining:

Option(s) Notice Date:

Option(s) Rental Rate:

Building condition

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Building condition
  Yes No Comments
Building performance report      
Building condition report      
Base building refresh required      
Lease compliance report      
Accessibility report     Deficiencies identified:
Impact on heritage character      
Building strategy / Other      

Tenant Considerations:
(General information on tenant, Asset, Strategic, Budget, Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP), etc.)

Project requirements

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Project requirements
Space type m2u m2r FTE's Utilization rate
(m2u / FTE)
Parking requirements
Office and support space          
Special purpose space          
Total space required          

Additional Information: (Geographic boundaries, security, non compliance approval, floor loading, additional services, bicycle racks, access to loading zones, etc.)

Financial assumptions (see appendices for analysis details)

Market & Financial information

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Market & Financial information
$ / m2 rentable Market analysis report (ref# / date) Market survey report (ref# / date)
Low High Low High
Net effective rent        
Operation and maintenance (O&M)        
Parking ($ / stall)        

Fit-up Rate: m2u

Base Building Rate (Crown): m2u

Additional information / Source of information: (rates)

Identification and analysis of options

Options Considered:

Non-Feasible Options and rational:

Options to be Analyzed:

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3

Financial analysis

  1. Option—Present Value Cost of Accommodation ($)
  2. Option—Present Value Cost of Accommodation ($)
  3. Option—Present Value Cost of Accommodation ($)

Sensitivity Analysis (if required):

Analysis of Non-Financial Factors of all Analyzed Options and Other Considerations:

Risk Analysis of all Analyzed Options:

Strategic context

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Strategic context
Policy / Strategy Compliance Justification
Yes No
National investment strategy      
Sustainable development strategy      
National Project Management System      
Signed tenant requirements package & Client accommodation requirements questionnaire      
Signed preliminary project plan      
Regional investment strategy      
Community-based investment strategy      
Six principles of direct negotiation     If applicable, see Appendix X
Government of Canada workplace 2.0 Fit-up      
Space allocation standards      
Federal heritage      
Building management plan & Asset management plan      


To proceed with…

Approval authority & funding

(See appendices)

Implementation plan

Risk management plan for recommended option

Attach as appendix.

Project team

Approval & signatures

Approval authority for direct negotiation

Authority to direct negotiate is hereby granted.


Real Estate Financial Investment Tools for each option analyzed—Financial assumptions (as per regional governance)

Approval Authority and Funding—Cash flow

Definition of acronyms

Asset Management Plan
Building Condition Report
Building Management Plan
Building Performance Report
Client Accommodation Requirements Questionnaire
Deficit Reduction Action Plan
Employment and Social Development Canada
Lease Compliance Report
Occupancy Instrument
Preliminary project plan
Present Value Cost of Accommodation
Real Estate Financial Investment Tools
Real Property Services Revolving Fund
Special Purpose Allotment
Special Purpose Space
Sustainable Development Strategy
Tenant Requirements Package
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