Simplified preliminary project plan or simplified project management plan

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The National Project Management System has been replaced by Project Navigator effective October 15, 2021. Therefore, this page has been archived and will be taken down in 2024.

Simplified preliminary project plan or Simplified project management plan (DOC​, 0.4MB)

for asset, other government department and tenant service projects <$1M, and for space projects less than 3,000 m2 (regions) / 5,000 m2 (National Capital Area)

3.0 Scope management

Statement of Requirement

Required [ ]
Attached [ ]

4.0 Time management

(applicable schedule or documents as support – attach or link)

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Milestones Planned Actual

5.0 Cost management

(applicable cost estimates or cash flows as support – attach or link applicable detailed cash flows as per client requirement)

This table is only an example and contains no data.

Fees Disbursements Consultant Contract Total
Other Government Department (OGD)
Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)

6.0 Financial management

8.0 Risk management

(Risk Management Plan – attach or link)

10.0 Quality management

Lessons-learned repository reviewed for similar projects [ ]

12.0 Human resources management

(List project team members and key responsibilities)

Other knowledge areas for consideration

(Check applicable knowledge areas and describe below or attach description)

7.0 Change management [ ]

9.0 Procurement management [ ]

11.0 Safety management [ ]

13.0 Communications management [ ]

14.0 Environmental management [ ]

15.0 Claims management [ ]

16.0 Signatures

Prepared by

PSPC Project Leader or Project Manager

Accepted by

Project Leader or Project Manager

Approved by

(see National Project Management System Directive for approval body)




  1. This is a low complexity, low risk project requiring project file documentation only.
  2. Each region to identify the position title of the person playing the role of Project Leader/Project Manager.
  3. For OGD funded projects, the client department acts as the Project Leader. The OGD Project Leader is to be provided a copy of the Simplified PMP for information. Their signature indicates they have received the document and verified the project parameters (time, scope, cost) to be correct as presented.
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