National Project Management System (NPMS) Roadmaps are guidance documents that identify the generic activities and tasks, by stage and phase, that are required in order to conform to the requirements of the NPMS model to a specific project delivery methodology.


To ensure national consistency in the application of project management activities and tasks within various selected real property project delivery methodologies

Real Property Context

NPMS procedures apply to all space-based projects over 3000  rentable (regions) or 5,000  rentable (National Capital Area / Parliamentary Precinct), and for asset-based projects, over $1M total value (including Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and excluding any client costs). For projects under these limits, NPMS principles remain applicable, however the level of effort and extent of documentation will vary depending upon a number of factors including the project size and complexity as well as the sensitivity of the project. For these smaller projects, see the principles of the National Project Management System (page available on Government of Canada network only).

Generic roadmaps have been developed for asset and space based projects to identify the main activities required to manage the front-end of projects up to the end of the Identification Stage when the recommended option/solution is selected and approved. These front-end planning roadmaps can be found at the following links:

The Delivery Stage offers a selection of Roadmaps to be used as the delivery mechanism for the approved option/solution. The following roadmaps are available:

Due to the specific nature of the requirements to manage a contaminated sites remediation project, a specific roadmap has been developed for these types of projects and can be found at the following link: Contaminated Site Remediation Projects Roadmap.

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