Primary differences between the Technical Standards

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Barrier-free Design Standard and Accessible Design for the Built Environment

The primary differences between the Barrier-free Design Standard (CAN/CSA-B651-M95), ("CSA 95") and the Accessible Design for the Built Environment (CAN/CSA-B651-04) technical standards are:


Exterior Walkways

Curb Ramps


Building Entrances

Doorways for Building Entrances

Secure Areas

Vertical Movement

Interior Circulation Stairs/Ramps


Door reopening devices

Door timing for hall or car call

Hall Call buttons

Car Controls

Car Position Indicators

Hall or in-car signals

Floor Designation Signage

Emergency Communications

Limited Use Limited Access Elevators

Interior Doors and Corridors




Drinking Fountains

Public Telephones/Tactile Signage

Public Areas

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