PSPC Commissioning Manual (CP.1)

Appendix A - Samples of requirements for schematics

Schematics used in manuals, commissioning reports

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) A&ES CADD Policy is set out in the A&ES Policy and Procedures Manual, Sections 4110 through 4114. This policy requires: (1) that drawings, schematics, diagrams, etc. are provided in an electronic format compatible with the CADD systems in current use by PSPC A&ES; (2) conformity to guideline documents (available in both official languages) from the Documentation Centre at the Tupper Building, Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0M2.

Graphics: will conform to all Federal standards

Required information: Development of schematics, diagrams and graphics shall be based on review of all equipment as actually supplied and installed.

Basic principles for preparation: Schematics, diagrams, charts, etc. illustrate and describe O&M requirements. They are prepared by the Designer, who: (1) identifies all equipment, components, etc.: (2) identifies measurement locations, (3) instruments used: (4) data to be presented; (5) shows design values and measured values: (6) describes how the systems will be tested, used and the methodology employed.
Graphics will be prepared by skilled draftspersons.

Requirements: will include: (1) Sheet size - either 216 x 279 mm or 279 x 432 mm.: (2) Schematics will be in pre-approved format using 36.24 kg white paper stock with maximum of two folds arranged so that title blocks are always visible, with match lines and reference notes is schematics extend to more than a single sheet; (3) Title blocks similar to the Contract Drawings on right-hand side and permanently visible and include legend: (4) Each system, sub-system to be on a separate sheet: (5) Schematics, diagrams will be easily identified, in workable segments, readily followed and, if necessary, prefaced by an index: (6) They will include complete layout of each system as actually installed, identity and locations of all provisions for TAB, flow measuring and regulating devices, all interfacings with, and points of interconnections into, existing systems, valves, dampers, PRV, air terminal units, heat transfer equipment, duct and pipe sizes, room numbers, floor numbers, system numbers, equipment identifiers, cross-reference to Contract documents, PI and PV Report forms, TAB data, calculation sheets.

EMCS graphics:

Many projects now use EMCS in which graphics play a large role. It may be possible, after approval, to incorporate these graphics into the Systems Operations Manual.

End of Sample Requirements for Schematics

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