PSPC Commissioning Manual (CP.1)

Appendix A - Sample specification for Performance Verification of equipment NMS Section 13920 - Fire Pump

  1. General
    1. In accordance with ANSI/NFPA 20, supplemented as specified herein.
    2. In accordance with Section 01810 - Commissioning: General Requirements, supplemented as specified herein
  2. Field test each fire pump, driver and controllers in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 20.
  3. Testing to be witnessed by [Fire Commissioner of Canada] [Canadian Forces Fire Marshal] [authority having jurisdiction.]
  4. Develop, with [Engineer] [Consultant] [Owner] assistance, detailed instructions for O&M of this installation
  5. Disposal of water
    1. Discuss appropriate measures for provision and disposal of water used in testing with Engineer.
  6. Co-ordination
    1. Co-ordinate tests with performance verification of sprinkler systems specified section [__] - [__], [wet] [dry] pipe sprinkler systems specified Section [__] - [__] and standpipe and hose systems specified Section [__] - [__].
  7. Testing to be witnessed by Fire Commissioner of Canada and authority having jurisdiction
  8. Allow operating conditions to stabilize at test conditions before taking measurements
    1. Tests for at least 10 minutes under each of minimum, rated, peak load conditions to verify:
      1. No overheating of any component.
      2. No excessive vibration of unit.
      3. No vibration transmitted to structure.
    2. During each test, measure inlet and outlet pump pressures, rates of flow, electrical power draw, pump speed and plot these points on pump characteristic curves
    3. Test controllers and transfer switches using manufacturer's recommended procedures. Perform at least ten (10) automatic and ten (10) manual operations during this test
  9. Timing:
    1. Perform tests when there is no risk of freezing conditions.
  10. Identification:
    1. Verify that all devices are properly labelled, identifying area served, etc.
  11. Reports:
    1. In accordance with requirements of Section 01818 Commissioning Reports supplemented as specified herein.
    2. In addition to reports required by NFPA 20, include at least following:
      1. Purchasing information and product information for all equipment. Refer to Section 01817 Commissioning: Report Forms and Schematics.
      2. Manufacturer's characteristic curves (family of curves) for fire pump.
      3. Drawings or schematics showing locations and types of controls and components.
  12. Training:
    1. Refer to Section 01815 Commissioning: Training of O&M Personnel.

End of Sample Specification for Performance Verification of Equipment

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