MD 15116 - 2006 Computer Room Air-conditioning Systems

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 Purpose

This document has been developed to provide general guidance in the design of mechanical systems for Computer Rooms, Server Rooms, Telecom Rooms, and, Data Centres as used in PWGSC/PSPC buildings.

These guidelines should not be construed as a rigid set of standards to be followed at the expense of innovative design, but rather, as benchmarks of design excellence against which design decisions may be compared.

Please refer to Appendix A: Supplementary Material for additional details about the HVAC Systems mentioned in the main body of this document.

Also, refer to Appendix B: Fire Protection Systems, for additional information about Fire Protection.

1.2 Scope

The document applies only to commercial properties such as office buildings, laboratories, and, industrial buildings. It is not intended for application to hotels, hospitals, health care facilities, or residential properties.

The target audience for this document is property managers, engineers, designers, installers, maintenance contractors, and, property owners. It is intended to apply both to new buildings as well as to retrofits of existing buildings.

This guideline supports the Project Brief and/or the RFP, which remain the prime reference documents for each project.

1.3 History of this Document

The document was first developed by the Building Consulting Section of the Mechanical Engineering division at Public Works Canada, in co-operation with Regional Mechanical Engineers, and published in October 1985 under the title "MD 15116: Mechanical Design Standards for Computer Room Air Conditioning".

In view of the rapid growth of the computer industry, this document has long been overdue for revision. Technology has evolved considerably since 1985, and many of the design techniques that were prevalent in those times are no longer applicable.

The document has now been revised in view of the findings of current research in this field, and the publication of several new guidelines and standards, including ASHRAE "Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments", 2004.

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