MD 15116 - 2006 Computer Room Air-conditioning Systems

Chapter 6 - Glossary

Conditioned air
Air treated to control its temperature, humidity, purity, pressure, and, movement
Data centre
A building, or a portion of a building, whose primary function is to house a computer room and its support areas
Dew point temperature
The temperature at which water vapour has reached a saturation point
Dry bulb temperature
The temperature of air indicated by a thermometer
The total heat content, the sum of the internal energy plus the pressure-volume work done on the system
Refers to servers, storage products, workstations, personal computers
Equipment room
Data centre or telecom room that houses computer equipment
Latent heat
Change of enthalpy during a change of state, for example, during conversion of water to steam at a constant temperature
Frame for housing electronic equipment
Relative humidity
Ratio of mole fraction of water vapour in the air to the mole fraction of water vapour in fully saturated air, at the same temperature and barometric pressure conditions, expressed as a percentage
Sensible heat
Heat that causes a change in temperature
Wet bulb temperature
The temperature of air indicated by a wet-bulb thermometer leading to a fully saturated state
Supply air
Air entering a space from and air-conditioning, heating or ventilation system
Ventilation air
Outside air, or fresh air supplied to a space

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