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MD 15116: 2006 Computer Room Air-conditioning Systems

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Public Services and Procurement Canada, Canada is pleased to present the Mechanical Design Guideline MD 15116: 2006 "Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems.

Computer rooms form an integral part of most federal buildings, and very often, they perform "mission critical" function, handling sensitive data on a 24/7 basis. As a result computer room air conditioning systems differ from general office air-conditioning systems in many significant ways. The cooling load is much higher and the requirements for temperature and humidity control are much stricter than for general purpose office buildings. The air conditioning systems requires a much higher level of reliability, as a breakdown in computer room air conditioning systems could lead to disruption of essential services and major economic losses. In addition, computer room air conditioning systems require greater flexibility to accommodate future changes. In most cases, control of computer room operation is independent of the rest of the building.

The objective of this document is to provide general guidance for the design and operation of mechanical systems for computer rooms, server rooms, Local Area Network (LAN) rooms, telecom equipment rooms and data centers. It provides guidance for the design requirements, estimation of cooling loads, selection of computer room mechanical equipment, and, the proper commissioning of the mechanical systems. This guideline is intended for use in new projects as well as for the retrofits of existing buildings.

This document has been developed by the Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering group, National Capital Area (NCA), in consultation with specialists and engineering professionals from throughout the regions. A previous version of this guideline was published in the 1980's but it is now obsolete due to rapid evolution of computer technology and an exponential increase in computer room equipment density. Many of the design techniques that were prevalent in the 80s are no longer applicable today.

One problem with many computer room air conditioning systems is simultaneous humidification and dehumidification, due to condensation in the cooling coils. This imposes an energy penalty on the cooling system. The present guideline addresses this issue, and suggests using only "dry coil" operation for maximum energy savings. Application of these guidelines will also improve equipment reliability, and minimize computer system failures.

It is important that clients, property managers, engineers, and, maintenance personnel be familiar with the contents of this document, so that they can apply the guidelines in a consistent manner for PSPC projects throughout Canada.

We encourage you to use this guideline whenever Computer Room Air Conditioning Systems are being planned, or where existing facilities require upgrades.

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MD15116: 2006
Computer Room Air Conditioning
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Table of contents

Chapter 1—Introduction

Chapter 2—Design Requirements

Chapter 3—Design Cooling Loads

Chapter 4—Computer Room Air Conditioning Equipment

Chapter 5—Measurements During Commissioning

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Appendix A—Supplementary Material

Appendix B—Fire Protection Systems

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