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The National Project Management System has been replaced by Project Navigator effective October 15, 2021. Therefore, this page has been archived and will be taken down in 2024.

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The continual improvement framework is the component of the National Project Management System (NPMS) that provides the governance structure and process for the approval and promulgation of new or amended documentation related to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) project management and project management services related to Real Property and business projects with an IT-enabled component.


  • To ensure that the NPMS becomes and remains the primary tool for managing real property and IT-enabled business projects by providing a consistent, web-based, national approach to project management which can be adapted over time to other business lines;
  • To ensure that the quality of NPMS documentation is consistent, relevant and continually enhanced based on guidance from Treasury Board Secretariat, PSPC user feedback, and industry best practices.


Real Property Projects

The Advisory & Practices (Project Delivery) Directorate within Real Property Branch (RPB) has been delegated to lead the development of policies and practices related to the implementation of real property projects. However, as project management affects a wide range of activities and directorates within the organization, the Directorate relies on a network of representatives to ensure that the related corporate objectives are successfully implemented and met, and are facilitated through the:

  • Real Property Project Management Improvement Steering Committee, which was established in August 2006 to provide the overall governance for recommendation and implementation of improved project management practices within PSPC RPB.
  • Real Property NPMS continual improvement team, which supports the RP Project Management Steering Committee and provides a quality assurance role for the review, evaluation, amendment and continual improvement of national documentation.


  • In order to ensure consistency and to benefit from lessons learned and practices developed for PSPC's Business Projects—IT-Enabled, the chair of the Real Property NPMS continual improvement team ensures that changes and improvements to the RP stream are submitted to Project Management Advisory Committee (PMA) for review and input where they impact cross cutting NPMS framework and/or principles.
  • Changes and improvements to the NPMS Directive for Real Property Projects are approved as per the RPB Policy Management Framework.

The Real Property NPMS continual improvement team membership is comprised of representatives of Information Technology Services Branch's (ITSB's) Project Delivery Office (PDO), RPB's Project Management, Accommodation and Portfolio Management, and Owner Investor groups. Should you wish to obtain the name of your regional RP continual improvement team Representatives, please contact:

A continual improvement process has also been established to centralize the review and approval of feedback, and new or amended proposals. All proposals are screened by regional representatives, reviewed nationally and tracked in 'Comments and Actions Taken Reports' produced by the Continual Improvement content manager.

IT-Enabled Business Projects

To support Treasury Board's Policy on the Management of Projects, ITSB's PDO has led the development of NPMS with documentation and templates to be used by project teams within all PSPC Branches that are implementing new IT-enabled business projects or upgrading existing projects that have an IT component. The ITSB's PDO Team Leader is a representative on the RPB continual improvement team.

As project management affects a wide range of business lines and ITSB activities and directorates within the organization, the IT-E Team Leader relies on governance and direction from the Project Management Advisory Council (PMAC) (consisting of representatives from across PSPC) to review and approve improvements and enhancements to NPMS. Note: Changes and improvements to the NPMS Directive for Business Projects—IT Enabled are approved as per the PSPC Policy Management Framework.


All stakeholders participating on a project can propose improvements to the NPMS by contacting their continual improvement team representative or sending an email to:

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