Real Property National Project Management System continual improvement team

Terms of reference

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Date established: 2006

Date updated: March 8, 2017

1. Mandate

The National Project Management System Continual Improvement (CI) team is the main instrument through which the continual improvement of real property project management of the Department is conducted.

The team is to:

2. Chair

Manager, Project Management Practices (Project Management service line)

3. Membership

4. Governance structure

The team reports to the Real Property Project Management Improvement Steering Committee.

5. Roles and responsibilities

Chair is to:

Regional coordinator (to be appointed by the region) is to:

Members are to:

6. Operations of the Committee

Meeting structure

The meeting agenda is to focus on real property project management practices and frameworks, the governance of real property projects, the management of projects delivered (internally and externally) and current project management issues.


The agenda is issued by the secretariat prior to the meeting, and members can make additions. The final agenda is approved by the Chair.


Team members will arrange for substitutions with advance notice to the Chair. Members shall ensure that substitutes have the necessary knowledge and authority.


The official languages of the Committee shall be English and French.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings shall be held typically on a monthly basis except December. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair.


Meetings are conducted via teleconference from the National Capital Area except for two in-person meetings typically in the fall and in the winter. National Capital Area members are encouraged to attend in-person. Bi annual in-person meetings may be occasionally held in regions.

Meeting documentation

Presentation or discussion material is to be provided to the secretariat 10 days in advance of meeting for distribution to the members in a timely manner.


Meetings require a quorum of at least one representative from the regions (Pacific, Western, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic and NCA) in addition to the Chair.


Decisions are reached by simple majority vote by the members for final approval by the Chair.


Secretariat support is provided by the Project Management service line.

Minutes – Record of Decisions:

A record of decisions (ROD) is prepared by the secretariat and circulated to members for review and comment in advance of the next meetings. Comments are reviewed and considered by the Chair. The final ROD is presented to members for final adoption at the next meeting.

7. Changes to the terms of reference

Changes to the Terms of Reference are to be discussed by the Team and approved by the Chair.

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