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The Enterprise Change Advisory Board (ECAB)'s mandate is:

  1. To provide the authority and management controls for all major category changes relating to the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) enterprise production environment.

  2. To provide the PSPC enterprise-level change authority for the CIO. The approval authority for development/rollout of a change falls under the umbrella of the AM&ITOS ECAB or a lower level CAB depending on how the change is categorized

ECAB reviews the IT Component of Business Projects at three points in the project lifecycle:

  • At PPA (or early in the Planning Phase);

  • At the end of the Design Phase; and

  • During the Project Implementation Phase to provide a go-head to implement the solution within the operational environment.

For more info go to the AM&ITOS Change Advisory Board Web site

ECAB is not concerned with projects that have no technology component.

Two facts are important to note:

  1. Only the 3rd gate is a hard gate. Projects must demonstrate via their test results (Client Acceptance and Release Acceptance) that the solution will not negatively impact the production environment.

  2. Operational change management for OGD projects products and services is requested, analyzed, approved and released through the ITSS CAB.

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