Screening Tool—Introduction

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The National Project Management System has been replaced by Project Navigator effective October 15, 2021. Therefore, this page has been archived and will be taken down in 2024.

This tool applies to maintenance initiatives for which the estimated cost is less than $1M. This tool ensures that complexity and risk are taken into account in determining if National Project Management System (NPMS) « Lite » should be used to ensure project management rigor.

NPMS « Lite » will be used for all maintenance projects with an estimated cost of less than $1M which meet one or more of the criteria in the screening tool. If none of these criteria are met, then the project is not obliged to use NPMS « Lite ». The NPMS principles found in the departmental policy continue to apply regardless.

This document is required for the statement of requirements approval (SoRA) control point. The screening tool is updated during the Analysis Phase before preliminary project approval (PPA).

Screening Tool Template

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