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The National Project Management System has been replaced by Project Navigator effective October 15, 2021. Therefore, this page has been archived and will be taken down in 2024.


There is no National Project Management System (NPMS) approval document template. Rather, "approval document" is a generic term to describe all of the documentation that constitutes the baseline design specifications. This is what is approved before anything can be built or developed.

The documents that constitute a specification vary depending on the purpose of the project and its desired outcomes, product, result or service. For instance, for a procurement project, the final Request for proposal document may be the main design deliverable. For a systems development project, the main deliverable may be a Systems Requirement Specification. Accompanying these documents there may be additional technical documents, an updated project charter, an updated business case with associated documents such as a risk management plan, and budget documents that provide a substantive estimate of project expenditures. The project complexity and risk assessment (PCRA) is updated before effective project approval (EPA) to reflect the risk and complexity associated with the final design.

The approval document is approved at the Effective project approval.

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