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The project management plan is one of the most important documents in the overall planning, monitoring, and implementation of a project. The Project Manager creates the project management plan (PMP) during the NPMS Planning Phase after extensive analysis, based on input from the project team and key stakeholders. The purpose of this document is to define how the project is to be executed, monitored and controlled by the project team. It details how the Project Management Team will manage the Project.

The project management plan is based on the 9 core PMI-based Knowledge Areas, which include integration, scope, time, cost, quality, risk, procurement, human resource and communications management, as well as an additional Information Management Knowledge Area. The Knowledge Areas are further tailored to reflect the specifics of the project and the Departmental and Government of Canada policy and regulatory environment. This tailoring is most evident in the quality, risk, procurement and human resource management knowledge areas. On larger projects some of these knowledge areas may be developed as separate documents such as a Resource Management Plan.

Project specific details flesh out the plan. These include key content such as project roles and responsibilities, key deliverables, schedule and cost management processes, requirements gathering and management, milestones, assumptions and so on.

The project management plan is approved at the project management plan approval control point.

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