Identification close out document Template

The purpose of the identification close out phase is to ensure that an appropriate level of assessment, reporting, evaluation, handover, and administrative closure has taken place that will provide enough directional detail to seamlessly proceed to the Delivery Stage.

This document records the completion of core deliverables and the status of the key close out activities.

If Complete

Table Summary

This table describes a checklist of completed deliverables.

Status of Key Close Out activities Completed
Core Deliverables  
Statement of requirements  
Preliminary project plan  
Feasibility report  
Business Case (equivalent to the investment analysis report (IAR))  
Project charter  
PPA (TB Submission if required) Briefing Notes (if required)  
Project complexity and risk assessment (PCRA)  
Records of Decision (e.g. emails or minutes)  
Items Brought Forward: Check all that apply
Key Activities  
Open Issues documented in Issue Log  
Location of the Project and Product Deliverables recorded in the Information Management Plan  
Action Items Assigned to OPI  
Risks documented in Risk Log  
Open changes documented in Change Log  
Lessons learned documented in lessons learned log  
Note: If project not approved, then complete close out document