Information Technology-Enabled Projects

Business Projects that are IT-Enabled have technological components such as a database, Web site, portal, intranet, application or business intelligence tool. Depending on the project size and/or complexity, project teams will choose to use either the NPMS « Full » version or the NPMS « Lite » version.

When and how does NPMS « Full » version and NPMS « Lite » version apply to Business Projects - IT-Enabled?

« Full » version applies to:

  • a project that requires TB approvals;
  • a new solution project with an estimated cost over $1 Million;
  • a maintenance project with an estimated cost over $2 Million.

« Lite » version applies to:

  • a new solution project that does not meet any of the criteria above;
  • a maintenance project between $1M and $2M; and
  • a maintenance project <$1M that meets certain exception criteria found in the Screening Tool

Project Management Tools and Guides

The NPMS model, Project Management (PM) Handbook and steps, deliverables, and templates are intended to be used throughout the project lifecycle for those having the role of project director/project leader or project manager.

NPMS Contacts and Continuous Improvement Feedback

For questions or to propose suggestions or improvements to the NPMS, please send an email to the NPMS Team at: