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The IM/IT Architecture Review Board ensures:

Initiatives/potential projects with an estimated value >$1M are brought to the attention of the IM/IT ARB by the PDO or the CE organization. The IM/IT Architecture Review team reviews statement of requirements and any supporting documents to assess the project for potential impacts. The IM/IT Architecture Review Board then meets to review those project proposals that may impact the EA.

The IM/IT ARB also considers security, privacy, and information management policy compliance impacts. The review normally occurs before the preliminary project plan has been finalized to ensure that:



Business Requirements

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Enter High-Level Business Requirements to be fulfilled by this conceptual solution.
Req. ID Title Requirement Priority


Business and Solution Options Summary

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Business Option Solution Option(s) Comments/
business option 1
  • solution option 1
  • solution option n

Solution Map

System Data Flow Diagram

Application Map

List the different applications involved in the solution and
how they interface with one another


By leveraging information about user working styles, geography and interface requirements, we can identify the required access channels for the targeted applications.

Business Applications

The targeted business applications are those suites of solution that the architecture is designed to support.

Integration Services

Integration services provide integration capability for the disparate application systems. The integration services layer consists of business objects, collaborators and adapters. Business objects provide a wrapper to logically grouped transactions. This provides the business applications with a generic interface that hides the complexity of interaction with back-end systems. Collaborators assemble data from multiple back-end systems by leveraging adapters, which provide simplified access to each of the back-end systems. Some adapters may be custom developed while others can be reasonably provided by a third party.

Business Systems

Business systems consist of all existing and new back-office applications and databases that the targeted business applications will leverage for functionality and data. This includes packaged and custom applications as well as databases, data warehouses and data marts.

Technology Services

The technology services are a comprehensive set of run-time services required to support the targeted applications and processing styles.

Reports, Interfaces, Conversion, Extensions, Forms Factors



Conversion/Cutover Considerations

The conversion of data from the current format to the structure required by the new application. A conversion can be performed via an automated program or completed manuall

System Landscape

Deployment Considerations

A stage that introduces the new business capability into the operating environment. The tasks in this stage transition the workforce, deploy new processes and technology, and stabilize operations. These tasks are repeated for each deployment unit

Support Considerations

Open Issues

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ID Issue Severity Action Status

Estimating Summary

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