Business Projects-IT-Enabled « Lite » Version - Introduction

« Lite » Definition

NPMS « Lite » applies to maintenance projects and new solutions projects:

  • For maintenance projects <$1M, use the Screening Tool to ensure that complexity and risk are taken into account in determining if NPMS « Lite » should be used.
  • For maintenance projects between $1-$2M.
  • For new solution projects <$1M.

Step-by-Step Guide to NPMS

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A larger image of this « Lite » Version Diagram - Project Steps, Deliverables, Templates and control points, is available on a separate page.

1. Inception Stage

The purpose of this stage is to present a proposal to an authority, stating a business problem or an opportunity and to seek funding. The deliverable is a signed and approved statement of requirements document.

2. Identification Stage: initiation phase

The purpose of this stage is to complete a preliminary project plan which describes why the project is being initiated, what is to be done, who will be involved in its development, when it will be done and how it will be done. The deliverable is a signed and approved preliminary project plan.

3. Identification Stage: Analysis Phase

The purpose of this stage is to complete a Business Case and Project charter. A business case is typically a proposal seeking additional funding and the Project Plan approval for the project. A Project charter formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides details.


  1. The investment analysis report (IAR), shown in the model, is equivalent to Business Case and project charter for IT-enabled projects.

4. Delivery Stage: Design Phase

5. Delivery Stage: Implementation Phase

6. Delivery Stage: Delivery Close Out Phase

The purpose of this phase is to provide an assessment of the project's performance against its objectives and requirements. It includes the completion of all contract administration activities, final evaluation of project teams including consultants and contractors and preparation of lessons learned. The deliverable consists of producing a close out document.

NPMS Tools, Logs and Forms