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Diagram - See long description below. Project Inseption Stage project identification stage project delivery stage definition phase initiation phase Feasibility Phase Analysis Phase identification close out phase Planning Phase Design Phase Implementation Phase Delivery Close Out Phase Deliverable: statement of requirements (SoR) control point: statement of requirements approval (SoRA) Deliverable: preliminary project plan (PPP) control point: preliminary project plan approval (PPPA) Deliverable: feasibility report (FR) control point: feasibility report approval (FRA) Deliverable: investment analysis report (IAR) preliminary project approval (PPA) Deliverable: Identification close out document (ICOD) project management plan (PMP) project management plan approval (PMPA) Deliverable: approval document (AD) control point: effective project approval (EPA) Deliverable: product turn-over (PTO) control point: turn-over approval (TOA) Deliverable: close out document (COD) close out document approval (CODA)


(U) = Update
(F) = Full only
(L) = Lite only
* = For Investment Projects only
** = An updated PCRA for Integrated Investment Plan Projects
*** = IAR equivalent to BC + PC
**** = Business Case includes feasibility report for 'Life' only

This image describes the Project Steps, Deliverables, Templates and control points Model: