Issue Log

Table Summary

This table describes information detail of the issues including issue number, date opened, OPI, description and impact.

Section 1: Issue Information Detail
Issue # Date Opened
Issue OPI
Issue Description Impact
H, M, L
Table Summary

This table describes tracking and control of the issues including priority, response plan and status.

Section 2: Tracking and Control
H, M, L
Issue Response Plan Status
(O)pen, (C)losed, (H)old
Table Summary

This table describes issue closure including date closed and lessons learned.

Section 3: Issue Closure
Date Closed Lessons Learned


Issue #
The unique number assigned to an issue. Usually assigned by the Project Manager.
Date Opened
Date the issue is identified and an OPI is assigned.
Issue OPI
Name of the person assigned to develop, implement and manage the issue response plan.
Issue Description
Brief description of the issue.
Impact of the issue: (H)igh, (M)edium, (L)ow.
Priority of the issue relative to other issues: (H)igh, (M)edium, (L)ow.
Issue Response Plan
Brief description of the response plan to address the issue.
Open = Issue is being managed. Response plan is underway. Closed = Issue is no longer being managed. Issue is either cancelled or resolved. Hold = Issue is on hold. No action is being taken.
Date Closed
Date the issue is closed.
Lessons Learned
Yes or No: were lessons learned from the issue or management of the issue? Optional summary text may be added.