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The Bureau shall collaborate with and act for all departments, boards, agencies and commissions established by Act of Parliament or appointed by order of the Governor in Council and collaborate with and act for both Houses of Parliament in all matters relating to the making and revising of translations from one language into another of documents, including correspondence, reports, proceedings, debates, bills and Acts, and to conference and sign language interpretation, and terminology.


Established in 1934, the Translation Bureau is a special operating agency of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). It supports the Government of Canada in its efforts to communicate with and serve Canadians in its two official languages, Indigenous languages, foreign languages as well as sign languages.

It offers translation, revision, editing, terminology, language advice, closed captioning, and interpretation services to federal departments and agencies and Parliament. The Translation Bureau also provides online tools and resources to Canadians through the Language Portal of Canada.

The Translation Bureau is the center of excellence in linguistic services for the Government of Canada. It also plays a leadership role in the various spheres of federal government activities and increasingly stands out in the Canadian languages industry as a leader in language technologies due to its innovative culture.

Translation Bureau services

The Translation Bureau offers language services and tools to federal departments and agencies and to Parliament. These services are offered in:

The resources of the Language Portal of Canada include tools such as:

Translation Bureau Chief Executive Officer

Jean-François Lymburner

Jean-François Lymburner is the Chief Executive Officer of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Translation Bureau, the Government of Canada’s centre of excellence for linguistic services.

Mr. Lymburner oversees the translation, interpretation and terminology services that the Translation Bureau provides to Canada’s government, Parliament and courts in English, French, Indigenous languages and foreign languages, as well as sign languages. He is also responsible for the Language Portal of Canada, which provides Canadians with free tools to improve their knowledge of English and French.

Mr. Lymburner ensures that the Translation Bureau has a strong and highly qualified workforce, leverages the latest technological advances—including artificial intelligence—and works closely with partners and clients to effectively deliver quality linguistic services now and in the future.

Before joining the Translation Bureau, Mr. Lymburner held a number of executive positions within the Government of Canada. Most recently, he was Associate Assistant Deputy Minister of Real Property Services at Public Services and Procurement Canada. With a focus on client satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, the future of work and employee well-being, he uses his extensive experience to ensure that the Translation Bureau remains a leader in linguistic services in Canada and internationally.

Mr. Lymburner holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, and has completed the Certificate Program in Public Sector Leadership and Governance at the University of Ottawa.

Organizational structure

Translation Bureau organizational structure - Description below
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The Translation Bureau is made up of 4 business lines, each with several sub-business lines:

  • Technology and Innovation:
    • Technology
    • Innovation
    • Change Management
  • Policy and Corporate Services (This directorate includes two teams that are integrated into the structure of the Bureau and support its operations, but report directly to Public Services and Procurement Canada: Integrated Human Resources Services for the Translation Bureau, and Financial Management):
    • Resources Management
    • Policy, Planning and Outreach
    • Professional Development
  • Linguistic Services:
    • Business Development
    • French Translation
    • Terminology, English and Multilingual Translation and Professional Support
  • Services to Parliament and Interpretation:
    • Parliamentary Translation and Special Initiatives
    • Interpretation
    • Parliamentary Affairs and Interpreter Well-Being
    • Resource Planning and Administration

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