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The Bureau shall collaborate with and act for all departments, boards, agencies and commissions established by Act of Parliament or appointed by order of the Governor in Council and collaborate with and act for both Houses of Parliament in all matters relating to the making and revising of translations from one language into another of documents, including correspondence, reports, proceedings, debates, bills and Acts, and to conference and sign-language interpretation, oral transliteration and terminology.

Translation Bureau services

The Translation Bureau offers language services and tools to federal departments and agencies and to Parliament. These services are offered in:

  • the two official languages
  • Indigenous languages
  • foreign languages
  • sign languages
  • English and French oral transliteration

The resources of the Language Portal of Canada include tools such as:

It also manages and develops the resources of the Language Portal of Canada.

Lastly, it has posted a language comprehension tool online, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada, for federal public servants.

Translation Bureau Chief Executive Officer

Lucie Séguin

Lucie Séguin was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Translation Bureau, Public Services and Procurement Canada in August 2019. Her key focus is to continue to position the Bureau as a center of excellence in linguistic services for the Government of Canada and a leader in adopting artificial intelligence while ensuring language quality.

Lucie oversees all the translation, interpretation and terminology services that the Bureau provides in both official languages, and in more than 100 Indigenous and foreign languages, to federal government departments and agencies, as well as to the Canadian Parliament.

Before being appointed Chief Executive Officer, Lucie spent more than three years as the Vice-President of Corporate Services at the Bureau, where she led, with the CEO, the development of a modernized vision. She also developed new contractual instruments to ensure high-quality translation and interpretation services, in collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Prior to this role, Lucie was the Director General of Policy and Strategic Research at Library and Archives Canada and Director of Policy of the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada, where she gained considerable experience in program management and policy development.

Lucie holds a bachelor’s degree in education, a Master of Public Administration and a Chartered Professional Accountants Canada certification.

Organizational structure

Translation Bureau organizational structure - Description below
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The Translation Bureau is led by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

It is made up of 4 business lines, each with several sub-business lines:

  1. Technology and Innovation:
    • Technology
    • Innovation
  2. Policy and Corporate Services (This directorate includes two teams that are integrated into the structure of the Bureau and support its operations, but report directly to Public Services and Procurement Canada: Integrated Human Resources Services for the Translation Bureau, and Financial Management):
    • Resources Management
    • Policy, Planning and Outreach
    • Information, Accommodation and Project Management
  3. Linguistic Services:
    • Business Development
    • French Translation
    • Terminology, English and Multilingual Translation and Professional Support
  4. Services to Parliament and Interpretation:
    • Parliamentary Translation and Special Initiatives
    • Interpretation
    • Resource Planning and Administration

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