Create your own language tools

Would you like to create a spelling checker or a terminology bank using reliable data? The federal government provides access to all of the terminological data from TERMIUM Plus®, which allows you to build your own language tool.


To learn how to download the data, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Government of Canada's Open Data Portal
  2. In the field Search through our Open Government Portal, type “TERMIUM Plus®.” Click Find (or press Enter)
  3. Select the dataset found (TERMIUM Plus®, the Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic data bank)
  4. On the page of data called TERMIUM Plus®, find the field you are interested in and then click the Access button
  5. You will see a window that asks "Do you want to open or save this file?" Click Save
  6. Once the zipped files are saved to your computer, simply open them. You will see a list of CSV files
  7. Copy the CSV files that you are interested to the drive of your choice
  8. In each file, you have to convert the data so that you can read them. Here's how to do so:
    1. 8.1. Launch a spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc) and click Open
    2. 8.2. Choose the drive that you want to copy the CSV files to. If you do not see a choice of files, select the option "all files" beside the window called "File Name"
    3. 8.3. Open the CSV file you want
    4. 8.4. In the Text Import Wizard, choose the Delimited option and click Next
    5. 8.5. In the second window, unmark the Tab delimiter and click on Comma. Click on Next
    6. 8.6. In the third window, make sure the chosen format is General and click Finish
  9. You'll see the data clearly organized by column. All that is left to do is ajust the columns to see all the data for each one
  10. Based on these data, you can create a variety of language tools such as a spelling checker or a terminology data bank

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