Buzzwords et mots nouveaux (SFE-156) [offered in French only]


This workshop is offered in French only and is intended for people translating or revising English-to-French texts. More details below.


Professional training


A “buzzword” is an important-sounding word or phrase, often of little meaning, used chiefly to impress laypersons: holistic approach, value-added, game changer, etc. The workshop is not about conventional translation problems (that is how to translate engage, empowerment, insight, etc.), but rather about words or phrases borrowed from one field of activity to create a stylistic effect in another (for example give me a ballpark) or to be in keeping with what is currently in vogue.

Course code: SFE-156

Open to

This training is intended for people working into French.

It is open to translators, revisers and other communications professionals.


Participants should be doing English-to-French translation as part of their regular duties.


This activity is conducted in English.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will better understand:

  • explain what a buzzword is
  • recognize buzzwords in a text and apply various strategies to “decode” their meaning and translate them into French

Virtual classroom: 3.50 hours


Please consult the directory and schedule of Translation Bureau courses.

Number of participants

10 to 12

The Translation Bureau reserves the right to cancel this activity unless at least eight participants are expected to attend.

Course fee

$200 (free of charge for Translation Bureau employees)

20% discount for members of a recognized professional association with proof of current membership (photocopy of membership card).


To register for this workshop, please consult the registration procedure and form for Translation Bureau courses.

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