Initiation à la traduction juridique—Volet II (SFE-165) [offered in French only]


This workshop is offered in French only and is intended for people translating or reviewing English-to-French texts. More details below.


Professional training


In this second part, we will cover sources of law, the players who exercise legislative or executive powers, legal systems in use in Canada, the legislative process, and the translation of certain legal terms (evidence, alleged, statute, order, etc). We will also differentiate between criminal law and civil law, between penal and criminal, and between various types of offences (indictable offence, summary conviction and hybrid offence).

Language professionals who have no legal training and are called upon to translate or revise texts containing legal concepts will be provided with useful contextual information to help them with their translation and revision tasks. 

Course code: SFE-165

Open to

Translators, revisers and other language professionals


Participants should be doing English-to-French translation or revision as part of their regular duties


This activity is conducted in French; participants are welcome to use the official language of their choice.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants:

  • will be able to name and differentiate between the various players exercising executive or legislative powers
  • will be familiar with the principal stages of the legislative process
  • will be able to differentiate between civil law and common law, civil law and criminal law, and public law and private law
  • will be able to correct some translation problems specific to legal language
  • will be familiar with the hierarchy of the principal sources of law

Virtual classroom: 7 hours (2 sessions of 3.5 hours)


Please consult the directory and schedule of Translation Bureau courses.

Number of participants

10 to 12

The Translation Bureau reserves the right to cancel this activity if fewer than eight registrations are received.

Course fee

$345 (free of charge for Translation Bureau employees)

20% discount for members of a recognized professional association with proof of current membership (photocopy of membership card).


To register for this workshop, please consult the registration procedure and form for Translation Bureau courses.

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