GClingua for Translation Bureau linguistic service suppliers

GClingua makes it easy to deliver quality linguistic services to Translation Bureau clients. Learn more about the roll-out of this new solution and how to access it.

Watch the following video for more information about GClingua:

Video: With GClingua, providing your services to the Translation Bureau is easy

Video transcript: With GClingua, providing your services to the Translation Bureau is easy

The video starts.

(A cross-fade appears, followed by the title “The Translation Bureau presents GClingua.” An image appears of a translation service provider seen from the back in front of his two monitors at his workstation. He logs in to GClingua and then accesses the GClingua dashboard.)

Do you provide translation services to Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Translation Bureau? Introducing GClingua, your portal to a successful collaboration with the Bureau!

(An image of a workstation with a monitor in front of a window appears next. The monitor displays the word “GClingua.” The workstation’s decor changes, and in the window a lighthouse, a snowy village, office towers, and mountains appear in succession. A padlock and key appear next to the monitor. The padlock locks and is replaced by a maple leaf symbolizing Canada. The maple leaf disappears, and the words “Direct access” are shown on the monitor.)

GClingua simplifies your interactions with the Translation Bureau. The system is hosted on a secure cloud that you can access from anywhere, and it gives you direct access to the Bureau’s request processing environment.

(On the same monitor, the GClingua dashboard appears, then is replaced by an envelope icon representing email notifications, the number of which quickly increases from 1 to 113. The GClingua dashboard returns to the monitor. 3 images of language professionals at their workstations appear above the monitor. A mouse pointer clicks on a document icon in the GClingua dashboard and moves the icon toward the language professionals.)

With GClingua’s user-friendly dashboard, which was designed especially for you, you can say goodbye to being flooded with emails! It takes only a few clicks to accept requests, distribute them as needed, and track them until they are delivered.

On top of helping you manage requests, GClingua makes your translation work easier. With GClingua, you can export, process and deliver documents in a format that is compatible with the leading translation tools.

(The initial image of the translation service provider at his workstation returns to the screen. The GClingua dashboard is shown on one of his monitors, and a translation interface is seen on the other. A document icon moves from the dashboard to the translation interface, then back to the dashboard, and a green check mark appears on the dashboard. An illustration of a monitor showing a translation tool and the words “Web Editor” appears next.)

If you do not have a translation tool of your own, you can use the one built into GClingua.

(The initial image of the translation service provider at his workstation returns to the screen. The provider looks toward us, smiles and gives a thumbs up. The image shrinks until it is inside the centre of a seal of quality.)

GClingua is your companion in providing high-quality linguistic services to the Translation Bureau.

(The seal of quality moves to the right. On the left side of the screen, the following text is displayed: Translation Bureau – GClingua. On the right side, below the seal, the following text appears: To contact us: 1-855-997-3300.)

With GClingua, doing business with the Bureau is easy!

(Finally, a page displays the phrase “Check us out” with the following icons and social media addresses: Facebook /PSPC.SPAC, Instagram @pspc_spac, Twitter @pspc_spac, Youtube /PWGSCanada.)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada’s corporate signature is displayed on a white background.)

(The “Canada” wordmark is displayed on a white background.)

The video ends.


GClingua is being rolled out in waves, and not all Translation Bureau suppliers have access to it yet (please refer to the roll-out of GClingua section to find out more).

For now, only requests for translation or revision services are being processed through GClingua. Terminology, conference interpretation, closed captioning, sign language interpretation services will be added to the solution in the near future.

On this page

GClingua and Translation Bureau translation service suppliers

GClingua provides you with access to the Translation Bureau’s secure request processing environment. You must use GClingua to receive task authorizations, files to be translated and reference documents, and to deliver translations.

GClingua also offers you the following functionalities:

Roll-out of GClingua

GClingua is being rolled out in waves. You will continue to use your usual method for doing business with the Translation Bureau until you receive access to GClingua.

The Translation Bureau will notify you approximately 2 months in advance of the date on which you will receive access to GClingua. Before this date, you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the solution through online training and user guides.


During the roll-out of GClingua, suppliers with access to GClingua may continue to receive task authorizations via the former method.

If you have any questions about the roll-out of GClingua, please contact the Translation Bureau.

Accessing GClingua

GClingua is hosted on a secure cloud. To access it, you must have an Internet connection, an active user account and a password.

Only suppliers’ designated project managers will receive a GClingua user account. If a project manager decides to assign a task to an employee or a subcontractor, that person will receive a temporary user name and password, which will allow them to use GClingua exclusively for the task in question.

If you have any questions about your user account, please contact the Translation Bureau.

Log in to GClingua


GClingua’s Protected B environment ensures that your information is secure:

Invoicing and payments

Invoicing and payment processes for work done by suppliers will not change; you must continue to send your invoices to btca.tbpc@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca, and you will continue to receive payments based on the method in place.

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