Video: Our people at work—Carly Johnson, parliamentary interpreter

Learn more about parliamentary interpretation and view Carly Johnson’s video. Carly is a parliamentary interpreter whose job it is to simultaneously translate the daily proceedings on Parliament Hill, from parliamentary debates to prime ministerial speeches.

Video Transcript: Our people at work—Carly Johnson, parliamentary interpreter

Start of clip.


(Pictures of four people appear with the text “Our people at work.”)

My name is Carly Johnson, and I am a parliamentary interpreter.

I am responsible for interpreting the debates at the House of Commons, parliamentary committee meetings,

(Carly watching a debate and interpreting it)

visits from foreign delegations...It is a very busy and intense job.

(Close-up of a sign on a door, reading “412a – Simultaneous Interpretation”)

Everybody has a different speaking style, and so it’s really important for us to relay the message accurately,

(Carly wearing headphones and expressively interpreting what she hears)

not just what they’re saying, but also how they’re saying it.

(Carly walking out of an elevator)

If somebody says something really catchy or tells a good joke, you can see the people in the room are waiting for the interpretation...and you can see that delayed reaction, and that’s when you know you’ve done a good job of interpreting the joke, and that’s very rewarding.

(Carly sitting in front of a plant-covered wall and typing on her laptop)

(Carly and a male colleague interpreting, side by side)

It is really important that Canadians be able to follow the proceedings of the House of Commons, follow what’s happening on the Hill in the official language of their choice. That’s their right, and it’s something that is important if Canadians are going to understand the democratic process.

(Carly walking outdoors towards Centre Block on Parliament Hill)

(On a white background, the Public Services and Procurement Canada signature is displayed.)

(On a white background, the Canada wordmark is displayed.)

End of clip.

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