Audit and evaluation at Public Services and Procurement Canada

Internal audits and evaluations help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services. Learn about our department's Office of Audit and Evaluation and consult our audit and evaluation reports.

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Office of Audit and Evaluation

We provide advice and reasonable assurance on departmental operations to both the:

Providing advice

We provide advice by reporting to our Deputy Minister on improving the following departmental operations:

Providing reasonable assurance

We provide reasonable assurance on departmental operations through our audit and evaluation functions. Reasonable assurance means that we have a high degree of confidence that our various controls achieve intended objectives, recognizing that external factors and risk can affect and limit the ability to provide absolute assurance.

Audit function

Through our audit function, we:

Evaluation function

Through our evaluation function, we:

Supporting openness and cooperation

We provide a single point of coordination to deliver a unified departmental response. This approach supports the department's open and cooperative relationship with federal oversight entities, namely the:

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Contact the Office of Audit and Evaluation

Audit and evaluation reports

The Office of Audit and Evaluation produces internal audit and evaluation reports. The department's senior management uses these reports as ongoing management tools to:

Based on each report's recommendations, senior management develops management action plans. Branch heads are responsible for implementing these plans, and may update these plans to reflect progress to date.

Both the reports and plans are tabled at the department's Audit and Evaluation Committee. The committee meets 6 times a year to ensure that the recommendations of each report are incorporated in departmental decision-making processes.

To inquire about departmental management action plans, contact Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Browse audit and evaluation reports by fiscal year

Consult final audit and evaluation reports by fiscal year. A fiscal year covers the period of April 1 to March 31. Each report listed has been approved by the Deputy Minister, following the Audit and Evaluation Committee's recommendation.

For older reports, contact the Office of Audit and Evaluation.

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