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Do you have a passion for language? Learn about careers with the Translation Bureau at Public Services and Procurement Canada, the largest employer of language professionals in Canada.

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The Translation Bureau employs translators, conference interpreters and terminologists. Learn about the work that these talented professionals do. Find out what qualifications they needed.


What does a translator do

A translator transfers a written text from one language to another, while respecting the meaning and style of the message.

What is a translator

A translator is a professional who specializes in written communication.


What degree does a translator need

Conference interpreter

What does a conference interpreter do

A conference interpreter acts as an intermediary between two or more speakers who do not speak the same language.

What is a conference interpreter

A translator is a professional who specializes in oral communication.


What degree does a conference interpreter need


What does a terminologist do

A terminologist carries out the research required to index terms specific to a certain area of activity or organization. He/she analyzes concepts, defines terms, finds their equivalents in another language and selects the most appropriate equivalents.

The result? The research is used to compile glossaries, feed terminology databases and standardize the terminology used in a certain field or organization.

Public service administrators and communicators (including translators, interpreters and writers) use terminologists when they require specialized terminology.

What is a terminologist

A terminologist is a professional who specializes in searching for specialized terms.


What degree does a terminologist need

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