Recruitment and development programs at Public Services and Procurement Canada

At Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), we are seeking eligible candidates for entry-level positions in finance and purchasing.

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Intern Officer Development Program

The Intern Officer Development Program recruits and develops eligible university graduates as supply officer trainees at PSPC. Trainees will work with the Department’s Acquisitions Program, which is responsible for buying complex commercial goods and services on behalf of the government.

Would you like to make a real difference in the lives of Canadians? Are you looking for a profession where you will be a negotiator, buyer, mediator, team player and influencer?

Start your career by applying to the Intern Officer Development Program.

Watch the video

Transcript of the Become a professional buyer video

The screen opens with the narrator looking to the audience and begins saying:

“Did you know that there are jobs in the Government of Canada that allow you to buy all kinds of items?”

As the narrator says items” the screen shifts to show the narrator next to a guard and a dog who is sitting in-between both. The narrator then points down to the dog as the dog makes a noise, and says:

“We bought him”

Music begins to play in the background – the video then shifts to the next scene where the narrator is standing beside a police officer. The narrator looks to his left to the police officer, and touches the shoulder on her uniform saying:

“We bought this.”

The narrator then turns his head to the police officer, as the screen moves out. The narrator then points down to the gun that the police officer is carrying in her belt and says:

“And this”

The screen moves out even further to show a police car right next to the narrator. The narrator then uses both hands to point to the police car and says:

“And this!”

The next scene shows the narrator in a lab with another character. The character is on the left side of the screen and the narrator enters from the right. The narrator sits next to the character who is using a microscope. The narrator then points at the microscope and whispers:

“We bought this”

The character looks up from her microscope and looks at the narrator disgruntled. The character and the narrator then exchange a look of confusion. The character then continues to look through the microscope as the narrator looks at the screen and smiles.

The video then switches to a shot of the narrator standing on a helicopter pad outdoors. A helicopter is hovering beside the narrator on the left side of the screen, and the narrator uses both hands and points to the helicopter and says:

“We bought this!”

The video switches to the scene in the lab again, the narrator looks at the microscope, sees a spot that is dirty, and uses his finger to clean it. The character then looks up at the narrator more disgruntled.

While this is happening a voice over simultaneously begins saying:

“Become a professional Buyer. The government of Canada is now recruiting.”

“The screen moves up to a grey background with” on the screen. The voice over continues and says:

“Visit our website for more information and to apply.”

The Government of Canada logo appears after and the video ends.

About the Intern Officer Development Program

As an intern officer, you will perform increasingly complex work as you advance from a supply officer trainee (PG-01 level) to a supply specialist (PG-04 level) over the three-year duration of the program. To move to the next level, you must successfully complete a learning assessment. In addition to learning activities, you will participate in case studies and training opportunities. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be hired by the federal government on a permanent basis.

Developmental work assignments

You will receive the skills, knowledge and experience to plan, negotiate and administer contracts for various goods and services on behalf of PSPC. How? By successfully completing four six‑month work assignments. You will work with different teams to help procure commodities such as marine and defence equipment, land and aerospace machinery, commercial products, and professional, construction and consulting services.

Coaching and mentoring

You will be paired with a mentor and a coach. They will provide you with daily support and guidance while you complete the program.

Competitive salary and benefits

You will receive a competitive salary and benefits. As a supply officer trainee, you will start at the PG-01 level and will receive the annual rate of pay at that level. Upon successful completion of each level, the annual rate of pay will be adjusted accordingly.

Career advancement opportunities

As PSPC is the largest government supply organization, there are many career advancement opportunities; in fact, upon completion, many interns may even go on to occupy executive-level positions within the federal government.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the program, you must be:

Applying to become a supplier officer trainee

  1. Log into Public service jobs
    • You may need to first create an account
    • If you already have an account be sure to keep it up to date
  2. Browse for supply officer trainee jobs
  3. Apply for the job

What to include with your application

Make sure that all your personal information listed in your public service jobs account matches what you include in your application.

What to expect after you apply

After you apply in the fall, the hiring process will last about a year. If you are in your final year of studies, you are encouraged to apply.

In the winter, you will be invited to write the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE).

In the spring, applicants who pass the PSEE will be invited to an interview.

In the summer, successful applicants will be chosen and notified. If you are successful, you will also be contacted to complete the Test of Written Expression.

In the fall, successful applicants begin the program.

Financial Officer Recruitment and Development Program

The Financial Officer Recruitment and Development (FORD) Program recruits eligible university graduates for full-time, entry-level positions in finance across government. The program is managed by the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.


PSPC's FORD Program is designed to allow FORD trainees to acquire work experience and to develop competencies and abilities through work assignments and training as financial officers in indeterminate positions at the FI-01 level.

Training assignments

Work assignments and graduate placements are administered based on operational requirements, taking into consideration trainee preference where possible. There is no set pattern for trainee assignments as operational requirements change frequently; trainees must be flexible in accepting assignments.

Trainees will have assignments within the Finance and Administration Branch, the Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch or any other branch requiring FI resources. They will be placed into a 24 or 30 month training program, divided into three eight or ten month assignments.

Learning and development

The Department invests in trainee development by supporting multiple learning activities. In addition to on-the-job assignments, the program allows time and financial support to attend corporate learning activities, skill training and OCG orientation sessions. All of these training courses must be on the trainee’s personal learning plan. It is important to note that the program supports its trainees in acquiring a professional designation.

Are you interested

Once you have been notified by the OCG that you are in the FORD Program inventory, we will:

You must be successful at each step to advance to the next.


We emphasize a bilingual work environment and take pride in enriching a diverse community. If we schedule you for second language testing, you will be assessed in reading, writing and oral proficiency. To be considered for a training assignment at PSPC, you must test at a minimum proficiency level of BBB.

Security clearance

Before you begin your assignment at PSPC, we will ask you to complete a security clearance form. Why? Employees will often need to access secure information to do their jobs. After you submit the form, security personnel will conduct a background check to make sure that you may work here.

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