Jolicoeur, Renée, Assistant Deputy Minister, Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch

Travel Expenses

List of travel expenses, which includes the date, purpose and total cost
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
2011-05-24 to 2011-05-25 To attend meetings with staff in Shediac2011-05-24 to 2011-05-251074.94 $1,074.94
2011-03-21 to 2011-03-21 To meet with the Pay Office Staff in the Atlantic Region and to attend a meeting on Transformation of Pay Administration2011-03-21 to 2011-03-211864.92 $789.98
2011-03-14 to 2011-03-15 Meetings with the staff of the Pay Offices and to attend management meetings with Regional Offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta2011-03-14 to 2011-03-153015.47 $1,150.55
TOTAL $3,015.47

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses reported to date